The most prevalent vacation spot in Nashik are Panchavati sanctuary complex, Muktidham, waterfall,Sita Gufa and Sula Vineyard.More vacationer puts in and around Nashik likewise incorporates Vineyards,Someshwar Temple, Ramkund, Sundarnarayan temple,Godavari River,Gangapur Dam,Tringalwadi Fort and the hardest trek in the Sahyadri called Alang, Madan and Kulang Forts.

Saptashrungi sanctuary is committed to goddess Saptashrungi, situated within the seven mountain crests in Nanduri town close Nashik. The sanctuary is one among the 51 Shakti Peethas in the Indian subcontinent furthermore three and half Shakti Peethas of Maharashtra.

Trimbakeshwar Temple

Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva, arranged in the Nashik locale. The sanctuary complex is the wellspring of the Godavari stream and one of the must visit religious focus in Maharashtra.


Panchavati is a journey site and where in fact the Kumbh Mela held close to the Godavari stream in Nashik. The complex has numerous vacation spots, as an example, Tapovan,Ramkund,Naroshankar Temple and Sundarnarayan Temple.

Sita Gufa

Sita Gumpha Caves is one of the popular visitor goal in Nasik and the spot has religious hugeness and a journey spot. This place is located in Panchavati close Kalaram sanctuary where Sita have remained for a significant while.

Kalaram Temple

Kalaram Temple is specialized in Lord Rama and the most essential Hindu sanctuary in the city of Nashik. The sanctuary gets the dark statue of Lord Rama and regarded as a standout amongst the most acclaimed sanctuary of Lord Rama in India.

Pandavleni Caves

Pandavleni Caves are gathering of 24 shake cut caverns, situated around 8 km south of Nashik in Maharashtra. The holes are known as Trirashmi Buddhist Caves arranged saturated in the mountains of Trirashmi and a prominent fascination in Nasik.

Kapaleshwar Temple

Kapaleshwar Mahadev Temple is one of the very seasoned sanctuary in Nashik and the main sanctuary of Lord Shiva without Nandi icon. Shree Kapaleshwar Mandir alongside Gayatri Devi Mandir and Maruti Mandir are among the most critical invest Nashik city.

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Telecom Videocon

Videocon Telecom, the adaptable, agreeable and dynamic telecom brand of the Indian combination Videocon Group, posted a great 43% development in its Net Revenue for GSM business in Q1 FY 2015-16 over same quarter last budgetary year. The telco detailed a merged Top line telecom income of 527.07 Cr in Q1 2015-16 and is focusing on united Top line Revenue of 3000 Cr in year 2015-16.

Going forceful on Customer obtaining, Videocon Telecom accomplished 32% development in its Subscriber base over same quarter a year ago. While, the June 15 Industry Net endorser option no’s are still anticipated, inside April and May 2015, against the business net supporter option (- ) 90K in the 4 operational hover of the telco, Videocon Telecom included 311K Net endorsers expansion. The telco arrangements to gain 10Mn new supporters this monetary year.

In spite of the effect of increment in Service assess rate and diminishment in Roaming rates, Videocon Telecom detailed a 21% change in its NRPM (Net rate per min) in Q1 this year over earlier year. The Telco additionally announced a 15% development in its minutes of use amid a similar period.

Inferable from its technique to redesign its Network to 2.75 G EDGE, the telco has been significantly developing its information incomes. Videocon Telecom has multiplied its information incomes in Q1 this year over same quarter a year ago, outperforming the business development. Information now adds to approx 12% of the Telco’s Gross Revenue and the organization goes for taking up the information commitment to GR at 15% by end of current Financial Year.

In the wake of conveying one of the quickest EBITDA positive in Telecom history in its Punjab circle, the telco is focusing on EBITDA positive in its MP and Haryana hovers before the finish of this money related year. The telco additionally announced a 42% change in its working misfortune in its GSM business, against a working loss of (- )75.9 Cr in Q1 last money related year, the telco revealed a working loss of (- ) 44.75 Cr in Q1 2015-16. Mr. Arvind Bali, Director and CEO, Videocon Telecommunications Ltd. said

stated, “It is stated, ‘well started is half done’, and I am satisfied with the aftereffects of Q1 this year. We have accomplished 99% of our focused on Gross Revenue in Quarter 1, and this is in spite of the expansion in Service Tax frequency and Roaming rate suggestion. Our GSM Net Revenue is up by 43% over same quarter a year ago, and all KPIs, be it net level or unit level, look encouraging.

Being another contestant, our methodology was to accomplish incremental Customer and Revenue showcase administration in our operational circles, and we have possessed the capacity to accomplish the same. While the June’15 Industry Net Subscriber option no’s are still anticipated, in April and May 15, the industry net includes our 4 operational circles was (- ) 90K, while we included 311K net endorsers. We plan to keep up and quicken this development rate promote.”

“We are focusing more than 10 Mn new supporter acquisitions, Top line Revenue target 3000 Cr and EBITDA positive in MP and Haryana telecom hovers in money related year 2015-16”, Mr. Bali included


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Gamification is an example that has shocked the modernized world, and its effect has exponentially climbed over the span of late years. Planning gaming thoughts into one’s administrations has no longer looked just purposeless excitement yet as an exhibited way to deal with extend support and drive client interest. Most importantly, it has transformed into a fruitful way for brands to help their administrations dependably interface with their customers. It’s one thing to pass on information to a customer or to build up an item, however enabling a customer to truly have an astounding time in the meantime helps a business accomplish a totally new level.

The blend of this and extended internet organizing use among cutting edge social affairs of individuals has provoked some enormously wise campaigns and administrations. Utilizing applications with gamification thoughts has helped brands make a more redid, attracting inclusion with customers, thusly drastically overhauling the relationship with the purchaser.

The propelled buyer needs to feel like their own particular needs and objectives are being met by the administrations they’re using.

Impetus your clients:

One key statute of gamification is the impact, or giving a customer the ability to win respects, recognizable pieces of proof, and other experience-based honors after some time. Giving rousing strengths continued with bolster makes an exceedingly charming learning of the purchaser, in light of the way that by accomplishing a particular level of achievement with the administrations, it is satisfying an energetic need and giving them a sentiment accomplishment. This constructs devotion, felt as for the purchaser.

Social Sharing:

This prompts another essential piece of gamification: social sharing between allies. Sharing substance by method for electronic long range interpersonal communication stages are yet one a player in this, as web based systems administration turns around spreading content and most applications nowadays have neighborhood social sharing parts. Knowledge is crucial, as the more a customer can interface with substance, the more that they before long regard it, and are subsequently encouraged to get the message out about it.

Straight on rivalry :

Individuals are an ordinarily forceful by nature, constantly prepared to contend. In all actuality, rivalry is ingrained in our genetic qualities, as we have for the most part quarreled about everything from sustenance, to paradise, to ordinary resources. This thought connects with gamification, as people routinely scan for opportunities to grandstand their capacity or inclination set, so as to show a social power over their kindred people. However as opposed to doing all things considered out of a characteristic need to demonstrate incomparable quality, people are doing it for amusement.

Personalization :

The possibility of personalization thinks about to specific customer experiences. This accordingly constructs the bond among brand and purchaser; with personalization, the past enhances considered what their social event of individuals needs, while the slightest finds the opportunity to engage in extramarital relations that more almost fits their necessities.

Conclusion :

Clients who are putting aside the chance to use your application are starting at now taking an interest in web administrations. In any case, gamification thoughts can develop an essentially greater measure of eagerness by playing upon the possibility of stimulation and fortifying commitment among brand and purchaser. More vitally, it can affect others with a particular ultimate objective to take part in the administrations through shared substance.

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